Oven Repair

All appliances are not created equal. Some stand head and shoulder above the rest in terms of their use to you and your family, and let’s be honest, an oven is right near the top of that list.

An oven is the vessel that produces your family and friends’ favorite treats, it makes dreaded vegetables you normally need to force-feed your kids crispy and delicious, and it makes roast anything possible. It’s earned its space in your kitchen by producing the smell of freshly baked pies and oven fried chips, it’s an easy go to when you don’t want to stand over a stove for two hours, and it makes Thanksgiving turkey a reality, that in itself is something to be grateful for.

An oven used correctly is basically a part of the family, and it’s important that you take care of your oven as well as it’s taken care of you over the years – that’s where we come in.

We’re the only oven repair company in Murfreesboro that understands the value of your oven the same way you do, and we’ll make sure it’s up and running at 100% before another delicious home-cooked meal goes unmade.

A good place to start is to know what the main causes of oven breakdowns are. Being proactive is easier than you think, just take note of the way your perfectly working oven operates and take note of any changes that you pick up on. We’ll be discussing the five most common, so you’ll know what to look for before the problem goes from inconvenient to catastrophic.


1.The glass of the oven door breaking

In an ideal world this would never happen, but unfortunately the glass of your oven door being thick and tempered does not make it indestructible. Anything from repetitive impact to continuous heating and cooling over a long period of time can compromise the structural integrity of your oven door.

2.Poor ventilation

Ventilation is essential for all ovens, electric or gas, because it’s the only way your oven can dispose of excess heat. It’s no coincidence that your kitchen warms up when your oven’s working overtime to cook a ham, it’s because it releases excess heat.

3.Electrical faults

These fiddly nuisances can be coming from anywhere, which is why it’s so handy to have a modern oven that gives you error codes. If you have an older oven without a digital display, it can be a thankless task for the untrained eye if you try to fix it without getting the help of a professional oven repair-person.

4.Faulty thermostat

The thermostat regulates the temperature in your oven, making it an essential part of keeping your oven functioning fully and safely. An overheated oven can cause a range of issues that can be harmful if you attempt to fix them on the fly.

5.Element failure

The heating elements in your oven failing or short-circuiting is usually due to a wiring fault, or leakage caused by a crack or break in the element, leading to a shortage in the element. Either way, it’s bad news for whoever you’re cooking for.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your oven checked by a professional before something goes wrong that you can’t take back. Ignoring it won’t bring that burnt duck back from its ashy grave in your trash can. If left untreated your oven situation could go from troublesome for you to troublesome for the fire department in a hurry, so best to look for the signs and avoid the following scenarios.

1.If your oven is burning your food regularly, it’s very likely that your thermostat has given up the good fight. This is something that can be repaired quite easily, but don’t waste money burning food any longer than you have to.

2.Strange noises coming from your oven? Most often it’s a loose or faulty part, and while that may not sound like much, the heating nature of an oven means that a part gone astray may lead to an oven fire.

3.Smells coming from your oven should be reserved for the scrumptious food being prepared in it, and not anything else. If you’re getting an odd odor coming from your oven, best to shut it off immediately and seek the assistance of a professional. It could be a wire that’s on the frits or a gas leak, either of which has the potential to cause a fire.

4.An oven that takes too long to turn on or shut off could be caused by an electrical fault. As we touched on earlier, they can be tricky to isolate, but we recommend not using your oven once you’ve noticed them, and certainly not trying to fix it on your own. Live electricity is a dangerous thing to play with, and the risk is not worth the reward.

Keep in mind the most common source of household fires come from cooking-related incidents, and that risk increases when operating an oven that’s been previously damaged or has been poorly maintained. An old, badly looked after oven carries a wide range of risks that include short-circuiting wires starting a blaze when attempted self-repair goes wrong.

Electric shocks by themselves are nothing to roll your eyes at, with about 1000 deaths per year in US caused by accidental electric shock. People also tend to not take care about how conductive their bodies are by routinely working without insulating gloves or rubber soled shoes. We’re in the business of reducing that number by educating people about the dangers of taking business in to their own hands.

Luckily when it comes to oven repairs, we’re the best in the business, and that reputation comes from a long history of satisfied customers. We put in the elbow grease so you can keep yourself hassle free, and your kitchen risk free.

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