Ice Maker Repair

Appliances have absolutely made our lives much easier. They reduce work and provide a way to perform tasks in a more efficient manner. Unfortunately, electrical appliances don’t last forever and with the emergence of new models in the market, old models are being displaced. While some are happy to buy the latest and greatest, others prefer to maintain their current appliances in the long term. When looking at ice maker options, there are currently 3 different options on the market today: modular, compact, and flex-tray.

Modular – An electric heater and a metal ice mold are used to soften the ice.

Compact – Also uses an electric heater and a metal ice key to soften the ice but in a smaller unit.

Flex-tray – A twisting force is applied to release the ice from the plastic tray.

It is important to pay attention to the state of your appliances so you know when something is wrong. You can save a lot of time and money if you catch a problem early, rather than waiting for it to compound and lead to bigger issues. In addition, if it is only a small problem, you can usually figure out how to fix it by referencing the ice maker manual. However, if the problem has gotten too big for a quick fix, here are some tips to solve common problems with your ice maker.

Signs that your ice maker needs repair

No Ice Production – if you aren’t able to get ice, there’s usually a problem with the supply line. The steering wire may be blocked, frozen or suspended, leading to an obstruction in the water supply. It is recommended that you check the pipes and defrost any frozen areas so that ice production can be restored. Some other parts that may impede the work of the ice maker include a damaged water switch, head unit, open water valve entrance, or valve unit. It could also be that your device does not have enough water in the ice tray. To fix this, check the freezer temperature – the appropriate temperature must be less than 17F.

More Ice Production – A common problem is when your ice maker lets too much ice out at once. This usually occurs due to a problem with the chopping arm. The arm closure is a device that regulates flow, therefore you should check whether the arm is separated from the key or not. If it is not functioning properly, tighten it and slide it back into place.

Bad Smell – Note that foul odor is a problem that typically requires a professional technician. While you may be able to solve it by thoroughly cleaning out the machine and replacing the filter, a professional may need to install a new filter system in the line.

Ice makers can break at any time for a variety of reasons – excessive operations, inadequate maintenance, and loss of components are just some of the causes of equipment failure. An ice maker is an important part of many refrigerators so if your refrigerator is under warranty, do not risk repairing it yourself. It would be quicker and easier to call the Murfreesboro experts to fix your ice maker and help prolong its life. Even if you have handyman experience around your home, it’s not advisable to try to repair expensive appliances by yourself. Here are some of the reasons you should hire for ice maker repair in Murfreesboro.

Warranty Void:

When you try to fix an appliance yourself, there is a risk that the warranty will be canceled since work should only be performed by a licensed professional. In addition, if you make a mistake when trying to repair your ice maker, you could also cause more damage in the process.


While you may think that you can figure out how to fix your ice maker on your own, once you start you may not be ready for all the new problems that can arise. However, a Murfreesboro professional carries all necessary tools with them and has the systems knowledge to deal with any ice maker issues. What could take you all day (or days) to repair will only take them a fraction of the time.


While you may be able to repair the immediate issue, Murfreesboro repairmen can identify all the parts that need to be replaced and repaired. If you want to extend the life of your device, you will need the help of experienced repair services. Your appliance will work better immediately and you will be able to avoid future problems by getting all of the parts in proper working order. There may be a problem in the electronic control panel that you would never notice, but by having a professional out, they can find any little issue and make sure everything runs smoothly going forward.

Ice maker repair Murfreesboro has a team of well-trained workers who are certified in repair work and have experience in repairing a wide range of devices. These professionals have been trained in ice maker repair and in addition to doing an efficient job, they can also offer useful tips for maintaining your electrical ice maker so you can take care of it in the best possible way.