Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair – Can You Do It Yourself?
Your freezer is one of the most important appliances in your home. It keeps your food cold, medicine safe and lets you save money by cooking in batches and freezing the food for later. Having your freezer malfunction is not only a huge inconvenience, but could also cost a lot of money in spoiled food items and excessive electric bills. Here are some common problems and remedies with freezers to see if you can fix the problem yourself or call a freezer repair specialist in Murfreesboro.
Water Leaks
Many times a leak is cause by a clog in the drain line. This can either be from debris in the line or ice buildup. The best way to solve this problem is to completely defrost the freezer by turning it off. You can also put warm water in the line to try and defrost it. If that doesn’t work try detaching the drain hose and seeing if you can dislodge any clogs. You can also purchase a new hose as a last resort at a local hardware store.
Excessive Cycling Noise
One of the most annoying problems with freezers is they can be loud if broken. This is a very common problem that we fix all the time. Besides excessive noise this probably means the freezer is struggling to keep temperature and results in higher electric costs.
Your best bet is to clean the coils using a vacuum cleaner to clear the dust and debris. The coils are usually under or behind the freezer unit. Make sure to turn the freezer off and unplug it before attempting this.
Also – double check the freezer thermostat. Sometimes it is set excessively low and can be raised. This will cause less stress to the system and can increase its life as well.
Foul Smells
Usually bad smells from a freezer involve spoiled food. Turn the freezer off and remove all the items. Check each item for spoilage or odors. While the food is removed clean all the surfaces on the inside of the freezer with warm soap and water with a little bit of vinegar added in as well. It’s a good idea to store food in an air tight glass or plastic container to avoid spoilage.
Although these are some of the most common issues we see with freezers and can be fixed at home with a little time – not all issues should be DIY. Some issues relating to the condensers, motors, sensors, coils and the internal workings of the freezer should be left to the pros. If you think a board is bad or other internal issue it’s best to call a professional in Murfreesboro who can come out and fix the issue.
Do your best to find an authorized freezer repair company so you know a true professional is coming out. Our appliance repair techs are all experienced in servicing every major brand of freezers. Once we inspect the unit you would be provided with the diagnosis and quote to fix it (labor and parts). We service all of Murfreesboro, TN and offer same day appointments as well.
So while some of your freezer issues can be done yourself – if something is truly perplexing just give us a call. With a warranty on all work and professional service you know your freezer will be fixed fast.